St James

With its steep mountain backdrop, rocky shore and panoramic views across the bay, the small suburb of St James dates back to British colonial days and is so named after the early St James Catholic Church built there around 1880. Just above one of Cape Town’s best wind-free beaches with its iconic beach boxes, the picturesque suburb is steeped in history with a relaxed atmosphere.

A slice of life

Attracting retirees, holiday makers and families, St James is a neighbourhood made up of palatial homes, stately summer houses and historic homes, many of which have belonged to the same families for generations.

St James is sandwiched between the Simon’s Town train line below and Boyes Drive above with spectacular views of the False Bay coastline. Thanks to the warm ocean temperature, the climate is mild in winter, with wild flowers on the mountain in spring, a crisp yet cool autumn and summers are dry and sea cooled.

A place to play

Well known for its tidal pool and rock pools, you’ll find friendly St James locals walking along the ocean’s edge every day, enjoying a dip in the tidal pool after a game of tennis.  St James beach is well known for its colourful Victorian bathing boxes and is a popular spot for children, while active walkers enjoy the walks and hikes on the mountain above the town.  During season, whale watching opportunities abound.

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