Property Trends and Price Increases in Marina Da Gama

For years the rule was that nothing in Marina sold for over R3 Million but with two new record sales of R3 600 000 (one in Park Island Way and the other Admirals walk), the rules have changed and this bodes well for all owners of property in the Marina.

According to Property 24 the mean average achieved in Marina Da Gama by properties sold in 2010 was R916 566 this has increased to R1 436 263 in 2015 which means that  properties purchased in 2010 are now worth 55% more.

Although this is largely in keeping with property price growth in Cape Town as a whole, there are certainly areas that are doing a lot worse and few that are doing better, Marina Da Gama property owners can rest easy in the knowledge that not only is their suburb growing faster than inflation but faster than most areas in the Cape as well, and that from an investment perspective they are, as the saying goes, safe as houses.



Two years later (November 2017), having revisited the Property 24 site’s and checked on the latest price trend for the area it is interesting to note that the median price now sits at R 1550 000. It is clear that the trend of above par performance by Marina properties is still showing true with an increase in value of 70% in 7 years it is apparent that not only does Marina Da Gama offer a fantastic lifestyle it also is a really fantastic investment too.

Derek Ross

Glendyr Dade Properties