Update on stop go and work on the Main Rd

At the last Community Liaison Meeting (CLM)  held on 17th August 2015, the meeting was informed that the Stop / Go traffic management would be suspended for the duration of the construction industry holidays meaning that two-way traffic would temporarily be reinstated during this period. The duration of the construction industry holidays is as follows:- Last working day Tuesday 15th December 2015 with work resuming on Monday 11th January 2016.

At the CLM, a request was made to have the duration of two-way traffic extended, as happened in Phase 2. Subsequently, further motivation has been made to extend the duration of the two-way traffic flow. The project team have considered these requests and have agreed to temporarily suspend the Stop / Go for a further two weeks.  This will mean that the Stop / Go will now be reinstated on 25th January 2016.

Please note:

Suspending the Stop / Go before the start of the construction industry holidays would have had serious consequences on the programme and the contractor’s ability to prepare the road to accommodate two-way traffic.


Although the contractor will resume work on the 11th January 2016 the nature of the construction works scheduled will be impacted by the cessation of the Stop / Go until 25th January 2016.  This will have an impact on the construction programme’s critical path and thus result in a two week extension of time which will add a further two weeks to the current contract completion date. The cessation of the Stop / Go for any longer would have had serious implications for the road’s preparedness for the Cape Town Cycle Tour which takes place on Sunday 6th March 2016 and the completion date of the contract which is programmed to be completed before the summer holidays in December 2017.


Please be assured that the project team are fully aware of the inconvenience the road works is causing, and every effort is being made to complete the project on time, with a view to accommodating all the constituents affected and at the same time providing first class infrastructure for the residents and road users.